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BulkEZ (Zest Dental)

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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
198-94775 Bulk EZ Refill A1 Pkg of 2 w/ 12 tips
198-94776 Bulk EZ Refill A2 Pkg of 2 w/ 12 tips
198-94777 Bulk EZ Refill A3 Pkg of 2 w/ 12 tips

Quick Overview

BulkEZ (Zest Dental)


Dual cure dental restorative composite designed for direct restorations. When allowed to self cure, BulkEZ features excellent physical properties for posterior restorations and offers an unlimited depth of cure. Light curing is only needed to harden the air inhibited top layer after self-curing. With no layering required, time savings over light cured bulk composites are over 60%. Unlike other dual cure composites, BulkEZ is compatible with all bonding agents. The directed and “right” shrinkage of BulkEZ offers the best interproximal margins. No voids or gaps are formed at the bottom of the restoration as a result of curing, limiting the risk for post-operative sensitivity or recurrent decay, which is often seen at the interproximal gingival margin. Unlimited depth of cure, guarantees complete curing in the deepest cavities. Best interproximal margins and lowest degree of microleakage compared to the competition. One step bulk placement - no layering required unlimited depth of cure! Compatible with all methacrylate-based bonding agents. No sonic vibrator needed for placement. High radiopacity. Fast setting.

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