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Item Number Product Description Price Qty
677-003577 Kalore Syringe 4gm A1
677-003578 Kalore Syringe 4gm A2
677-003579 Kalore Syringe 4gm A3
677-003580 Kalore Syringe 4gm A3.5
677-003581 Kalore Syringe 4gm A4
677-003582 Kalore Syringe 4gm B1
677-003583 Kalore Syringe 4gm B2
677-003584 Kalore Syringe 4gm B3
677-003585 Kalore Syringe 4gm C2
677-003605 Kalore Unitip BW 10/Pk
677-003613 Kalore Unitip A1 20/Pk
677-003614 Kalore Unitip A2 20/Pk
677-003615 Kalore Unitip A3 20/Pk
677-003616 Kalore Unitip A3.5 20/Pk
677-003617 Kalore Unitip A4 20/Pk
677-003618 Kalore Unitip B1 20/Pk
677-003619 Kalore Unitip B2 20/Pk

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Kalore combines new, revolutionary monomer technology from DuPont with unique, patented High Density Radiopaque fillers to give you a composite with the lowest shrinkage stress of all leading composites. This combination leads to exceptional handling, beautiful aesthetics, durability and sustained, putting the control back in your hands. It's superior handling; non-sticky, non-slumping, and sculptable. Also easy polishability, high gloss and sustained luster. Kalore is compatible with any resin bonding agent.

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